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Menasha Ridge Press :: Authors :: Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel

Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel

Rob Sangster is a veteran travel writer and relentless globetrotter. His quest to see the world has taken him to most parts of Western and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, India, China, Central America, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. He travels by steam train, riverboat, elephant back_whatever is available and promises to be the most fun.

Tim Leffel
I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, in an area filled with family farms, national forests, and Mennonites riding horse-drawn buggies along the back roads. I am the son of two teachers, so all my early travels were languid U.S. road trips in the summer-camping, swimming in lakes, and visiting relatives between New York State and Texas. My foreign travel didn't begin in earnest until I was well out of college and running hard on a work treadmill as a marketing executive at RCA Records, first in Nashville and then in New York City. When my now-wife and I both lost our jobs within a six-month period, we took it as a fateful sign and set off to see the world. One trip circling the globe turned into two, then into three. Our friends and relatives thought we'd gone off the deep end, but we came back fine, eventually. Along the way, we taught English in Istanbul and Seoul-living in the latter for 14 months. I started to get travel features published in magazines on a regular basis and began reviewing hotels around the world for a travel trade publication. I've since written for more than 50 publications. Like Rob, I am a regular columnist for Transitions Abroad.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my wife and daughter and have a small beach house on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, in the Yucatan (so my daughter is a lucky girl who got her first passport at age 3). Many of my travels are now to Latin America, where I am slowly but surely improving my Spanish.

Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel
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Traveler's Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America
See details
Traveler's Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America
Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel

    Traveler's Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America shows you how to find delicious, affordable meals anywhere in Mexico and Central America, not just where to eat in Cuernavaca. Instead of rating Panama City's "best" hotels (usually meaning the most expensive), this book shows you how to locate comfortable, affordable lodging anywhere.  Traveler's Tool Kit does the same for everything from dining to entertainment to sightseeing in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Individual sections cover it all: drafting itineraries, calculating costs, eco-sensitive travel, unusual tours, managing money, staying healthy, woman-alone travel, and much more.

    You'll learn how to travel happily by air, bus, and all sorts of local transport, negotiate successfully with cab drivers and merchants, and dramatically cut the costs of travel. You will be convinced you can afford to travel—and that you can't afford not to. This book shows you ways to save money without hindering the quality of your trip.

    Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel are not typical travelers, nor is this a typical travel guide. Sangster and Leffel show how to connect with a network of travelers who've discovered the most enjoyable things to do and can provide guidance on how much to pay for them. The book also tells how to memorialize the adventure through photography and blogging, and even how to earn money from the trip after returning home. Sangster and Leffel are both authoritative and encouraging, drawing on years of experience to help travelers maximize the fun, savings, and security without compromising quality.

For more about the book, visit the authors online at www.travelers-tool-kit.com.

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