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Menasha Ridge Press :: Authors :: Colin and Julie Angus
Colin and Julie Angus

Colin and Julie Angus

    Colin Angus is an adventurer who is the first person to complete a self-propelled circumnavigation of the globe. He has co-produced two documentaries for National Geographic and written for Cruising World, The Globe and Mail, and Readers Digest, among others. Colin shares his exploits with the public through presentations and speaking engagements. He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife, Julie.

Colin and Julie Angus
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Beyond the Horizon
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Beyond the Horizon
Colin and Julie Angus

Colin Angus began his quest to circumnavigate the Earth under his own power in Canada in June 2004. His 720-day journey took him through Alaska, across the Bering Sea, through Europe from Moscow to Portugal, across the Atlantic to Costa Rica, and then back to Vancouver. While facing the relentless cold of the Siberian winter, Angus battled an even greater dangeróthe steadily mounting rift between himself and expedition partner Tim. Ending the fateful pairing mid-Russia, Angus plowed forward now competing with his friend-turned-foe to be the first to finish a human-powered journey around the globe.

Without skipping a beat, Angusís fortunes turned golden when his fiancťe (and now wife) Julie Wafaei agreed to complete the journey with him. Together they rowed through the fiercest hurricane season of modern history, narrowly escaping death, arriving shaken and stirred, but alive in the Costa Rican port of Limon, where they began the long final push toward home. With a powerful message of energy conservation paired with a thirst for life, Beyond the Horizon is a non-stop feast of wow and wonder that packs a flurry of punches page after page.

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Rowed Trip
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Rowed Trip
Colin and Julie Angus

    From the rugged highlands of Scotland, husband and wife team Julie and Colin Angus rowed more than 7,000 km to Aleppo, Syria in the heart of the Middle East. Their course followed ancient transportation corridors traditionally used for trade and migration. They experienced and learned about the rich cultural tapestry that makes up present-day Europe, while in a manner that promotes environmentally responsible travel.

     Julie and Colinís journey, completed in September 2008, along the traditional aquatic trading routes without using motors proved to be an ideal way to meet the people and explore the varied landscapes as they paddled through thirteen distinct countries.

    Connecting Scotland and Syria with a human-powered voyage also had a personal significance for the couple. Colinís mother and father both hail from northern Scotland and Julieís father is from Syria. The journey allowed the couple to explore their family histories. In an age where globalization and cultural integration is the norm, the journey allowed the duo to reflect on their origins and unravel the events that led to their union in western Canada.

    Two amphibious rowboats were constructed for the journey. The vessels each carry a bicycle and trailer which allowed them to travel on roads and bicycle paths as well as water.

    Route of Journey: From Dunnet Head at the northern tip of Scotland, the couple paddled along the coasts and through canal systems to southern England. Here they crossed the English Channel and continued into central Europe via the Rhine River. They reached the headwaters of the Danube River through a canal system and followed through Eastern Europe to the Black Sea. From here the team entered the Mediterranean through Turkey and continued to Syria.

    See a gallery of images from the journey at rowedtrip.com

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