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Menasha Ridge Press :: Authors :: Carol Cartaino
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Carol Cartaino
Seaman, OH

Carol Cartaino, a native of New Jersey and graduate of Rutgers University (major in English and minor in biology), has had a lifetime interest in animals, the outdoors, and the natural world. She has spent many happy hours hiking, camping, fishing, river rafting, kayaking, and engaging in outdoor photography and nature study. For the past 40 years, Carol has been a professional book editor and writer’s collaborator, working on almost every subject imaginable within nonfiction, with a strong emphasis on how-to, self-help, and reference. She has helped authors from Jack Samson of Field & Stream to scuba divers to underwater photographers, from the editor of Arizona Highways to plastic surgeons, travel writers to experts on moonshine, produce complete and satisfying books. In her ten years as an editor in the Trade Division of Prentice-Hall, Inc., books on nature and gardening were among her specialties. In the ten years that followed as the editor-in-chief of Writer’s Digest Books, she worked with a great variety of authors, again with a focus on how-to and reference. In her 20 years of freelance editing and collaboration since, she has been a book doctor for literary agents, publishers, book producers, and individual authors of many kinds, including environmentalists and veterinarians. Carol presently lives with her son and many pets on a 66-acre farm in Southern Ohio, on which she can continue her nature study and listen to the coyote songs.

Carol Cartaino
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Myths and Truths about Coyotes
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Myths and Truths about Coyotes
Carol Cartaino

    As in any area where little is known and much feared or suspected, bring up the subject of coyotes, and myths and half-truths fly. This book will deflate the myths and illuminate and share the truths. Once just a colorful supporting character of the Old West or children’s cartoons, coyotes are now real-life neighbors to just about every one of us. Every state in the US except Hawaii has them, and they slink around suburbs and cities as well as the countryside. Coyotes are too big to be cute and cuddly, and they remind us of the wolves we humans went to such trouble to exterminate or remove from our surroundings.

    Most of us have heard or read stories, or watched TV accounts, of coyote problems across the country, and many of us have listened to the chilling yips and howls of a coyote pack somewhere right beyond our sight. The spread of the intelligent, adaptable, and opportunistic coyote across America is perhaps the biggest wildlife success story of recent years—but not everyone is happy about it.

    Parents worry that their children may be attacked by a coyote in the backyard or nearby field. Pet owners know that their cats and dogs are likely to be. Hikers and other outdoors enthusiasts who encounter coyotes in the wilds wonder if they are at risk. Sheep and cattle farmers, and even fruit growers, are up in arms about losses to coyotes. Deer hunters fear that the rise of coyotes has meant a reduction in deer in many places. Wildlife experts have noted that where coyotes proliferate, the graceful and beautiful red and grey fox and other animals may be reduced or disappear. This book covers all the information you need to be in the know about our rather furry neighbors.

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