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Menasha Ridge Press :: Authors :: Kirstin Olmon Phillips & Kelly Phillips
Kirstin Olmon Phillips & Kelly Phillips

Kirstin Olmon Phillips & Kelly Phillips
Tempe, AZ

Kirstin Olmon Phillips and Kelly Phillips, transplants from other parts of the United States, both fell in love with Arizona from the first saguaro. Now they combine 37 years of experience roaming the Grand Canyon State’s many landscapes. They live in Flagstaff, with their dog, Luna, in a house that never gets cleaned on weekends, when trip planning often consists of just packing the dog into the pickup and picking a promising dotted line on the map. They never tire of providing vicarious adventures for friends and are thrilled to share Arizona’s wonders with a wider audience in their first book.

Recent Trekalong Posts By Kirstin Olmon Phillips & Kelly Phillips

  • The collared peccary

    The collared peccary, better known as the javelina, is one of the larger critters that you might find wandering through your campsite. Don’t yell “wild pig!”, though, since you may give offense. Javelina are a breed ap...

  • Tumbling Tumbleweed

    As we were walking the dog on a blustery evening, an Ace Hardware plastic bag caught the wind and tumbled down the road ahead of us. I was reminded of the days when only tumbleweeds rolled down the road, not plastic bags. Tumbleweed, Sa...

  • The Apache Trail

    “The Apache Trail combines the grandeur of the Alps, the glory of the Rockies, the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and then adds an indefinable something that none of the others have. To me, it is the most awe-inspiring and most ...

  • We’re still here

    Darn February and its 28 days. The shortest month is almost over and somehow we haven’t quite established our regular blogging rhythm. Here are a few posts and some pretty pictures to make up for our recent absence.

  • February flowers

    The old saying “April showers brings May flowers” needs to be revised for the state of Arizona. Here in the desert, we have two rainy seasons, one in the winter and one in the summer. In Native American tradition, the winter...

  • Gilbert Water Ranch

    Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. It’s time to get out there. If you’re from the Phoenix area but don’t have time to go for a long hike, take a quick trip to the Riparian Preserve at the Gilbert Water Ranch....

  • Where are the wildflowers?

    It’s not too late to see the wildflowers. Check out the following resources for current updates on what is in bloom around the state of Arizona. Arizona State Parks 2009 Ranger Cam Desert Botanical Garden Wildflower InfoSite Maric...

  • Arizona State Parks struggling with budget cuts

    “In this economy…” is a phrase we’re all tired of hearing, but there’s no denying that this has been a tough year for everyone, and the state parks are feeling the pain as well. The Arizona State Parks syst...

  • Fee-Free Weekends at National Parks

    The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for much of Arizona this weekend, with temperatures reaching 115 degrees and above. So now’s the perfect time to flee to the high country. To make the trip a little...

  • Spring is right around the corner…

    A new year is here, and just in time for Arizona’s early Spring, Cactus Camping is going to be sending out new green shoots! We’ll be posting some sorely needed updates for our 50 best campgrounds, and of course, it’s ...

Kirstin Olmon Phillips & Kelly Phillips
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Best Tent Camping: Arizona, 2nd Edition
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Best Tent Camping: Arizona, 2nd Edition
Kirstin Olmon Phillips & Kelly Phillips

Perfect Camping for You in Arizona!

The Grand Canyon State provides a spectacular backdrop for some of the most scenic campgrounds in the country. But do you know which campgrounds offer the most privacy? Which are the best for first-time campers? Authors Kirstin Olmon Phillips and Kelly Phillips have traversed the entire state and compiled the most up-to-date research to steer you to the perfect spot! The full-color, updated, user-friendly format lets you easily find 50 of the best campgrounds to fit your travel plans and meet your personal interests—with author selections based on location, topography, size, and overall appeal.

Detailed maps of each campground and key information such as fees, restrictions, dates of operation, and facilities help to narrow down your choices, and ratings for beauty, privacy, spaciousness, safety and security, and cleanliness ensure that you find your perfect car-camping adventure. So whether you seek a quiet campground near a fish-filled stream or a family campground with all the amenities, Best Tent Camping: Arizona is a keeper.

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