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Menasha Ridge Press :: Authors :: Kim Lipker
Kim Lipker

Kim Lipker

    Kim Lipker grew up in Colorado loving the outdoors from an early age. She is the author of four books for Menasha Ridge Press, 60 Hikes with 60 Miles: Denver and Boulder, Day & Overnight Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, Smart & Savvy Hiking: What Every Woman Needs to Know on the Trail. and The Best in Tent Camping: Colorado (with Johnny Molloy). She also wrote The Unofficial Guide to Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns in the Rockies (Hungry Minds). In addition to writing books, Kim writes a regular parenting column and other features for Rocky Mountain Parent Magazine. For the Web site Away.com, she contributes features, ratings, and reviews covering parks, active sports, and outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains and Hawaii.
    Considered an expert on the Rocky Mountains by her guidebook peers, Kim has been at the writing thing for a while, having had her first news article published at age 12 and later earning a journalism degree from the University of Missouri–Columbia.

    Kim lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her three children, Anna, Alex, and Emma. For more information on her upcoming projects, visit her blog at trekalong.com/lipker.

Recent Trekalong Posts By Kim Lipker

  • Fort Collins, Colorado Hiking

    The hiking season is here and I’m ready to go. With a new book out and a few more in the hopper, I am staying close to home this summer. If you have any favorite local hikes, please let me know. The hikes need to be less than ...

  • Book signing at Boulder Book Store!

    Thank you to everyone that attended the event at the Boulder Book Store. I appreciate your support and for making the trek on a rainy, Wednesday evening. Please join me at 7:30 p.m. on Wed., May 28, 2008 for my official book-releas...

  • Book signing at Tattered Cover!

    Please join me at 7:30 p.m. on Tues., July 1 at the Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue where I will sign Day & Overnight Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. The Tattered Cover is located at 2526 East Colfax Avenue. Hope to see you th...

  • Get motivated and define your goals

    Now that spring is here, and summer is within reach, it is the perfect time to start motivating yourself to organize your upcoming hiking season! The first step is to define your hiking goals. In my book Smart and Savvy Hiking I outline...

  • Go on a subtraction diet for more hiking time

    All of us have busy and hectic lives, and sometimes our priorities get lost on the non-essentials. In continuing to set up your hiking plan, here is another hurdle to discuss briefly today to help you move even closer to achieving you...

  • Reschedule your schedule to make hiking a priority

    One more hurdle to discuss today moving you even closer to achieving your hiking goals is the process of rescheduling your schedule. Make hiking a nonnegotiable calendar item and work other things around it. A goal will never be realiz...

  • Make time for hiking, and quit feeling guilty!

    If you really want to make hiking a part of your life try to set aside time for at least one hike per week. Your kids, job, and other responsibilities may make the scheduling difficult, but a little time for YOU can do a lot of good for...

  • Catch on to Geocaching

    Geocaching is a worldwide craze that promises to greatly expand your hiking range and self-assurance on wilderness trails, while at the same time providing some great adventure. Geocaching is a one-size-fits-all outdoor activity. Yo...

  • Hiking with kids

    As a general rule set your hiking goals for your family or group based on the youngest child’s ability, and make sure that no child ever walks or runs beyond immediate sight of at least one adult. Here is a brief guide to hiking w...

  • Begin journaling the journey

    Keeping a journal can be a lifesaver to keep your thoughts, ideas and feelings in one place, as well as an interesting way to get to know yourself. Remember when you were a little girl with your first diary with lock and key? Let the ...

Kim Lipker
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Best Tent Camping: Colorado, 5ed.
See details
Best Tent Camping: Colorado, 5ed.
Kim Lipker and johnny Molloy

Your Car-Camping Guide to Scenic Beauty, the Sounds of Nature, and an Escape from Civilization

The Colorado landscape is rich with opportunities for tent camping. Millions of acres of public lands are dotted with hundreds of campgrounds—but you probably only have a precious amount of limited time. Which campgrounds do you choose? Where should you go? When should you go? That’s what this book is for—to help you make the wisest use of your time in the wilds of the Centennial State.

In the mountains of Colorado, the Rockies, camping is primarily a summertime activity. When the snow melts and the rivers run high—that’s when tent campers start longing for the crisp mornings, crystal-clear days, and cool nights by the campfire that are part of a Rocky Mountain camp out. Not to mention wilderness hiking, trout fishing, mountain biking, and whitewater boating.

In other parts of Colorado, the tent camping season is extended. You can pitch your tent year-round in the canyon country of the Western Slope, along the prairie lakes of the east, and in some of the lower elevation state parks. No matter where you go or when you go, the scenic beauty of Colorado will never fail to please the eye.

Before embarking on a trip, take some time to prepare. Many of the best tent campgrounds are at the far end of a gravel road. This isolation—part of their attraction for many campers—makes for a long supply or gear run if you are unprepared. Call ahead and ask for a park map, brochure, or other information to help you plan your trip. Make reservations wherever applicable, especially at popular state parks. Ask questions. Ask more questions. The more questions you ask, the fewer surprises you’ll get. There are other times, however, when you’ll grab your gear and this book, hop in the car, and just wing it. This can be an adventure in its own right.

Each campground has been rated on six criteria: beauty, privacy, spaciousness, quiet, security and cleanliness. In addition, campground profiles include vital statistics about each location (fees, restrictions, operating season, amenities, contact information, driving directions and reservation information, to name a few) that help campers plan the perfect trip without unwanted surprises. GPS users will also appreciate that each campground's precise latitude and longitude waypoints are included.

Tent campers will also enjoy a detailed map of each campground included in the site profile. Making reservations online or blindly over the phone can put a camper miles from the restroom, stranded with no shade, or in the middle of a busy campground trail. Maps will help campers avoid those pitfalls, and wherever possible the author has even recommended specific campsites for maximum privacy, spaciousness, or beauty.

Although there's never a shortage for things to do in Colorado's outdoors, campground summaries in the book also suggest attractions and activities near each campground. Fishing, hiking, biking, paddling, and scenic drives in the immediate area are recommended to ensure that campers know the basic lay of the land and have a jumping-off point to plan their trip.

Whether it's a large family looking to get away for the weekend, a scout troop that wants to try something new, or a serious outdoors enthusiast searching for a place to adventure for the day and crash for the night, Best Tent Camping: Colorado has done all the work in finding those special, out-of-the-way campgrounds, and gives campers the tools to plan an amazing, unforgettable camping trip.

Market price: $15.95
Our price: $11.96 save 25%
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Day and Overnight Hikes: Rocky Mountain National Park, 2nd edition
See details
Day and Overnight Hikes: Rocky Mountain National Park, 2nd edition
Kim Lipker

Rocky Mountain National Park is the living showcase of the grandeur of the Rockies, with elevations ranging from 8,000 feet in the valleys to 14,259 feet at the top of Longs Peak. The park draws 3 million visitors per year with countless outdoor experiences and adventures. Choosing the best day and overnight hikes from the 359 miles of hiking trails and 200 backcountry sites is a major mission. Get on the trail faster with the confidence that you’ve made the right choice by referencing Day & Overnight Hikes Rocky Mountain National Park. Whether you’re out to see the elk rut in autumn, the summer blooms on the hillside, the thundering falls in spring, or the white-blanketed calm of the forest in winter, author Kim Lipker has your mission accomplished. Both the west, Grand Lake side and the east, Estes Park side of the park are featured. This guide includes original GPS-based trail maps, detailed trail descriptions, overnight camping recommendations, trail guides suitable for different experience levels, and more.

Market price: $15.95
Our price: $11.96 save 25%
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Smart and Savvy Hiking: What Every Woman Needs to Know on the Trail
See details
Smart and Savvy Hiking: What Every Woman Needs to Know on the Trail
Kim Lipker

    Yes, the world really does need another hiking book—especially Smart & Savvy Hiking: What Every Woman Needs to Know on the Trail. As a young girl growing up in the Colorado mountains, then a hip outdoors writer, and now the mother of three small children, author Kim Lipker has personally faced every question women ask on the trail. Her “girl talk” covers such topics as comfortable and protective fabrics and clothing—all the way down to bras, panties, and socks; on-the-trail toilette; pregnancy hiking; bringing kids along; choosing companions wisely; avoiding violence; and overcoming the fear of getting lost.

    She extends the five senses to seven and shows how to use them to truly experience nature. A special section, “Journaling the Journey,” offers written exercises that turn hiking into personal transformation. And the book’s “Smart & Savvy Life List” showcases vacation-destination trails. Most of the book is geared to day hikes, but “After Sundown” provides great detail for overnight backpacking. Altogether, inside these pages lies a whole new world of safety, pleasure, and reward for novice and seasoned hikers alike. (Men will pick up some tips, too.)   

Market price: $15.95
Our price: $11.96 save 25%
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