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Beyond the Horizon
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Beyond the Horizon
Colin and Julie Angus

Colin Angus began his quest to circumnavigate the Earth under his own power in Canada in June 2004. His 720-day journey took him through Alaska, across the Bering Sea, through Europe from Moscow to Portugal, across the Atlantic to Costa Rica, and then back to Vancouver. While facing the relentless cold of the Siberian winter, Angus battled an even greater danger—the steadily mounting rift between himself and expedition partner Tim. Ending the fateful pairing mid-Russia, Angus plowed forward now competing with his friend-turned-foe to be the first to finish a human-powered journey around the globe.

Without skipping a beat, Angus’s fortunes turned golden when his fiancée (and now wife) Julie Wafaei agreed to complete the journey with him. Together they rowed through the fiercest hurricane season of modern history, narrowly escaping death, arriving shaken and stirred, but alive in the Costa Rican port of Limon, where they began the long final push toward home. With a powerful message of energy conservation paired with a thirst for life, Beyond the Horizon is a non-stop feast of wow and wonder that packs a flurry of punches page after page.

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Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway, 3rd Edition
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Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway, 3rd Edition
Tim Jackson and Taryn Chase Jackson

The Best Road Trip Through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee

In the heart of the Deep South, the Natchez Trace Parkway traverses 444 miles from Natchez, Mississippi, to its northern terminus near Nashville, Tennessee. Rolling hills, historic sites, beautiful scenery—the historic byway is peppered with some of the region’s best food, lodging, and attractions. It is a drive that everyone should make.

With the Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway, you can explore parts of the route or its entire length—and you won’t miss any of your favorite discoveries along the way. The nearly 100 possible milepost stops are sorted into categories, so you can choose the places that interest you most. Plus, with information ranging from parkway rules and best safety practices to tips about when to travel, this guidebook is essential in planning the perfect trip for yourself, your friends, or your entire family. Those who wish to experience the terrain on foot, bicycle, or horseback will appreciate the practical advice and details on trail locations.

Whether you’re exploring a few miles or a few hundred, maximize your enjoyment with the full-color Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway. There’s a visual delight at every turn.

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On the Appalachian Trail: A Postcard Book
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On the Appalachian Trail: A Postcard Book
Friends of the Appalachian Trail

    There are many people who donate time, energy, and personal resources in support of the upkeep and protection of the Appalachian Trail. The images for this book were donated by volunteers and friends who seek to promote awareness and good stewardship of the trail. There are 30-full color picture postcards showcasing one of the most-visited regions in the United States.

    Few areas of American wilderness are more impressive than the Appalachian Trail, with its extraordinary scenery stretching nearly 2,200 miles and covering 250,000 acres from Maine to Georgia. Maintenance of the trail depends in part on more than 6,000 volunteers. These volunteers donated the gorgeous images for this book and seek to promote awareness and good stewardship of the trail. The postcards are detachable for use, or can be retained in the book as a keepsake of the Appalachian Trail and a reminder of the majesty of America’s unspoiled areas.

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Evan L. Balkan

    If clinging to a sinking makeshift raft while fighting off sword wielding and delirious mutineers desperate to wrench the last cask of water from your sun-scorched hands and arms—as sharks circle in anticipation—is your armchair cup of tea, then Shipwrecked: Deadly Adventures and Disasters at Sea is your next read. An extraordinary collection of human suffering at the hands of cruel oceans, cruel captains, and cruel fate, this latest collection of impeccably researched true adventure by Evan Balkan details the astonishing facts of 14 extraordinary maritime disasters spanning the 17th through 20th centuries. Laced with detail, Balkan's seaworthy narratives redefine the limits of desperation, courage, and the human will to survive in the face of death, or worse.

    Included are such legendary stories as the 1629 maiden voyage of the Batavia that ended in mutiny and murder, and the dramatic destruction of the majestic three-masted barquentine Endurance in ice-clogged Antarctic waters in 1912. A vast spectrum of human emotion and activity is featured in these exciting profiles, from deadly incompetence and brutish cannibalism to surprising self-sacrifice and quiet heroism.

Market price: $14.95
Our price: $11.21 save 25%
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