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The No-Drop Zone

The No-Drop Zone 
   The No-Drop Zone covers all the information necessary for a new cyclist to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take them from buying their first bicycle to starting their first race. Cyclists will learn how to handle the bike, perform minor maintenance, select clothing and accessories, join clubs, and find events.

    Anyone can buy a road bike and go out and ride it, but to ride in a group, one needs specific skills from being able to avoid bumping into other riders when riding in close quarters to fixing a flat quickly enough to rejoin the group. Why would a competent adult want to ride in close quarters with other cyclists? Because riding in the group may be as close to flying in a flock of birds as a person may come. The experience is at once social (imagine being able to talk to a friend as you ride), exciting (descending in a group is a thrill), and exhilarating (finishing a long hill gives the rider a huge sense of accomplishment). Also, the fitness benefits of riding in a group are enormous.

    From a discussion about the bicycle and its components to skills, nutrition, and training, The No-Drop Zone has all the knowledge a cyclist needs to move to that next level of skill.


About Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady has been an avid cyclist for more than 20 years. He has toured the U.S. and Europe and raced from Vermont to California. He was the publisher of highly regarded Asphalt Magazine and served as an editor for Bicycle Guide and The Ride. His first book, Bicycling Los Angeles County was published by Menasha Ridge Press in 2007. His ground-breaking work at Belgium Knee Warmers led to the launch of his blog Red Kite Prayer and his role as a contributing editor for peloton magazine.

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